Dale Mote - Project Manager

Dale Mote

Project Manager
Contact: dale@hilbersinc.com

Dale is our Project Manager for the Washington and Oregon area.

Present – Oct 2010 Hilbers Inc

Dale has the responsibility of finding new work to bid (Estimating) Dale estimates the jobs that we are bidding by finding subcontractors and suppliers that would make us competitive so that we can secure jobs (Project Manager) Dale controls the progress of the project and keeps it on schedule and handles any problems that might come up during the course of the project. In charge of change orders and quality control for projects.


Sept 2010 – Aug 2009 Lamon Construction

As a Project Manager Dale had the duties of overseeing 3 school projects that Lamon Construction was under contract for. He was responsible for meeting with the school district’s project architect and the on site inspector of record that the State of California provided. Responsible for all RFI and change orders for the project. All of the projects where successfully finished.


Aug 2009 – Jan 2001   Capital Construction

Dale ran his own company that was involved in many aspects of construction including underground construction, concrete framing of wood and metal, drywall, insulation acoustical ceilings, and finish carpentry.


Jan 2001 – Jan 1996 BSI a Holding Company

After selling his business, Hawkins Insulation to BSI in 1996 Dale was obligated to work for them until 2001. He was the Manager of all operations in Northern Calif. which had 3 branch offices. Dale hired all the employees for his division and was responsible for the budget, sales and production for his area.


Jan 1996 – Sept 1973 Hawkins Insulation

Dale ran his own business that was involved in insulation, windows, acoustical ceilings metal stud framing and drywall.