Design Build Benefits

Design-build is a system of contracting under which one entity performs both design and construction. Hilbers, Inc. has extensive experience working with clients to create the perfect environment for a successful design build project.

With a typical contracting approach, or ‘Spec Build’, a client commissions an architect or engineer to prepare drawings and specifications and separately selects a construction contractor or construction manager either by negotiation or competitive bidding.

However, a design-build team is jointly involved in producing a product that meets a client’s needs rather than merely acting as professional advisors. Collaboration of designers and builders is the foundation of design-build.

Benefits of a design-build project include:

  • Assignment of design and construction to a single party, allowing some construction work to begin before the final design is completed.
  • Gives singular responsibility- single point of contact for quality, cost, and schedule.
  • Reduces administration and inspection costs. Reduces or eliminates change orders and claims due to “errors and omissions.”
  • Allows maximum contractor flexibility in the selection of innovative designs, materials, and construction techniques.
  • Provides expertise not available in-house (Example- Intelligent Transportation Systems).
  • Warranty provides a warranty provision that promotes quality/performance during warranty period.
  • Savings in project completion time occurs when the project construction begins at the 0-50% design level compared to traditional contract procurement.

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