Green Build: The Purpose

Hilbers, Inc. is proud to support environmentally responsible building practices and has completed multiple ‘LEED’ certified projects to date.

It is a top priority in today’s environment of heightened public and governmental interest in resource and energy management and environmental responsibility that organization’s within the construction industry embrace the ‘green’ building concept.  It has been found that a green building design, construction and operation can have a significant positive effect on energy and resource efficiency, waste and pollution generation, and the health and productivity of a building’s occupants over the life of the building. The second purpose is to create healthy work and living environments increasing the productivity of workers and residents by improving indoor air quality and lighting.

One way to incorporate green building into every project is by using recycled-content and materials created with a low embodied energy materials in construction, and by reducing the energy consumption needs of structures by making use of efficient construction methods.

Green design and construction in new builds and remodels is not only good for the global community and environment but can also result in significant cost savings to building owners over the life of the building(s).

We’re building relationships and buildings built to last.