Magic #7….The total Pieology Pizzeria’s Hilbers Inc. Has Completed In Recent Months

Fast growing pizzeria chain that Hilbers Inc., a national commercial contractor with extensive experience in restaurant construction has worked with for the past few years. Tom Jones and his competent crew has constructed all of these.

Hilbers Inc. is a national restaurant general contractor with experience working with national chain and one-off restaurants. Over 50 years experience in most facets of commercial construction. Please contact us with your restaurant construction project.

Using only the freshest ingredients, award-winning Pieology Pizzeria prides itself on offering delicious, build-your-own, artisan-style pizzas. All of this in less than four minutes. Founded in 2011 by Carl Chang, Pieology is the first true “pie-oneer” in the custom pizza sector. The restaurant evolved out of the simple idea to turn America’s favorite food into an even more fun, affordable, interactive and personalized experience. The mission of Pieology Pizzeria is to provide guests with a place to gather with their families and friends. You can enjoy great food, build communities and be inspired to make a positive difference, one Pie at a time. Look them up on Facebook too. As for the pizza, it’s like a Chipotle-style line-up of with three sauce choices (red sauce, herb butter or olive oil), four cheese options and two dozen toppings (from artichoke hearts to meatballs to jalapeños) on gluten-free or regular crust. The 12-inch, thin-crust pies are turned out in a brick oven that cooks them in less than four minutes. 

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