Walnut Huller in Chico, CA

Hilbers Inc. completed this Pre-Engineered building, and installation of a walnut huller in Sept. of 2010.

The Huller is made up of two components: a huller, that removes the fleshy hull from the hard nut casing and the dryer that helps remove moisture from the nut to make create the product we are familiar with.

It’s a 25 Ton fully automated Huller paired with a 240 Ton walnut dryer. Using 24,000,000 BTUs, Nuts are dried to precise moisture levels before being automatically conveyed and loaded in trucks for either market (“in shell” varieties) or shelling.

Top of the line Grossi Hulling and Drying equipment, installed by Northern Mechanical. 15,000 sf Butler building built to shelter the huller line (wet-side) and house the dryers. Delivered “turn key” to the owners by Hilbers, Inc, on time and within budget. Pre Engineered steel building construction requires expertise in many facets of construction, which Hilbers Inc. has. 10 month construction.

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