Hilbers Inc. Completes Third UFC Gym Project in Hawaii…. Town Center in Mililani

As an experienced Health Club Contractor, Hilbers Inc. is well positioned to build any where you have a vision. We have quite a number of fitness center construction projects in our vast portfolio. This UFC Gym (BJ Penn) is the third outing with New Evolution Ventures, headed by Mike Feeney
Glenn Hilbers and his crew headed up this latest facility located in the Town Center of Mililani, a very popular retail power center that includes restaurants and a theatre. 
While some fitness center construction projects are built from the ground-up, many are repurposed facilities such as this one in the Town Center. Hilbers Inc. is quite capable of working in existing complex’s that remain open during the time of construction. This requires attention to not the least of things: safety. A clear plan and constant supervision of all workers and sub-contractors is necessary to work the project and not burden surrounding business’ with undue noise and clutter. 

Now that there are three gym’s in the Honolulu area, they have established a strong base from which to spread the UFC Gym philosophy even further on the islands. Hilbers Inc. has had and continues to have a great working relationship with UFC Gyms, Crunch Fitness and New Evolution Ventures.

We’re building relationships and buildings built to last.