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49ersFit, San Jose, CA

Located in central San Jose, this fitness center boasts the distinction of hosting players for the San Francisco 49ers, but also being open to the public. Offering classes, programs, training, and a healthy community to members of all ages, this gym provides an opportunity for members to increase their quality of life.

Partnering for Excellence

Hilbers, Inc. partnered with the Executive Vice President of New Evolution Ventures (NeV), Mike Feeney. NeV is a global leader in acquisition and development of domestic and international fitness endeavors, including multiple UFC Gym and Crunch Fitness facilities. Hilbers Inc. also constructed a similar gym for the Dallas Cowboys in Frisco TX. Lead by Project Manager, Glenn Hilbers and Project Superintendent Tom Tomberlin.

Extensive Experience Ensures Safety and Continuity

As an experienced health club contractor, Hilbers Inc. has completed a large number of fitness center and gym construction projects across the United States. The renovation of existing structures, especially in an occupied shopping center, is quite different from new construction. In order to maintain a safe work area and to avoid interrupting business for other merchants, a clear plan with constant supervision of all work is imperative. Hilbers Inc. has a large portfolio of projects successfully completed in existing complexes that remained open throughout the construction.

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