Employee Owned Company

A Proud Employee Owned Company

At Hilbers, we believe that our success is deeply intertwined with the well-being and aspirations of our employees. That's why we've taken a unique and empowering approach to our company structure. We're thrilled to be an employee owned company, a distinction that sets us apart in the world of construction and engineering.


What is an ESOP?

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is not just a financial strategy; it's a commitment to our team's future. Employee Ownership is designed to provide workers with a direct ownership stake in the company. This ownership comes in the form of shares of stock, which employees earn and accumulate over time. In essence, when you work at Hilbers, you're not just an employee; you're a valued owner.

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The Hilbers Difference

Being an employee owned company is more than just a label for us; it's a reflection of our core values and commitment to our employees. Here's how it makes a difference:


  • Shared Success: At Hilbers, when the company succeeds, our employees directly benefit. As owners, they have a vested interest in the company's growth, profitability, and long-term sustainability. This shared success is a powerful motivator, driving us all to achieve excellence.
  • Financial Security: Employee ownership provides employees with a unique opportunity to build wealth over time. As they accumulate shares, the value of their ownership grows. This not only fosters a sense of financial security but also encourages long-term dedication and loyalty.
  • Voice and Influence: Employee owned company employees have a say in the company's decision-making processes. This sense of ownership extends to how we operate, innovate, and adapt to industry changes. Everyone's voice matters, and we collaborate to shape the future of Hilbers.
  • A Culture of Excellence: Ownership breeds responsibility and pride in one's work. Our employee ownership culture is rooted in a commitment to excellence. This means we're not just completing projects; we're building legacies, one project at a time.
  • Long-Term Vision: As an employee owned company, we have a natural inclination towards long-term thinking. We're not just focused on short-term gains; we're dedicated to building a sustainable and enduring company that benefits generations to come.


Partnering with Hilbers

When you partner with Hilbers, you embark on a journey of growth, both personally and professionally. Our dedication contributes directly to our project's success, and when you partner with us, you reap the rewards. Our employee ownership structure is a testament to our belief in the potential of our team and our commitment to fostering an environment where everyone thrives.


At Hilbers, we're not just building structures; we're building futures. As an employee owned company, we're more than colleagues; we're a community of owners working together to achieve greatness. Welcome to a company where your success is our success, and dedicated commitment is guaranteed!

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