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Whether we’re building fitness centers and grocery stores or convenience stores and gas stations, we take great pride in building value in every community project we take on. To meet and exceed our client’s needs and the needs of the community, we approach each project with integrity and creativity. As a family business, one of the key areas we’ve focused on over the past 50 years is building exceptional car washes. 

When it comes to building car washes, we understand the importance of keeping operating expenses low, minimizing downtime due to maintenance, and creating an eye-catching building that will help attract drive-by customers. Our extensive experience in commercial land development and zoning and car wash design and construction allows us to help our customers build profit into their car wash during the construction phase. 

Our passion for green construction also helps us provide our customers with the benefits of including eco-friendly components such as solar and water conservation systems. 

We’re excited to share more details about some of our car wash projects with you!

Rainflow Car Wash – Los Banos, CA

Rainflow Express Car Wash utilizes state-of-the-art technology to deliver an exceptional experience from start to finish. Their expertly-designed floor plans also provide the most efficient wash for their customers. Check out more images of Rain Flow Car Wash!

Surf Thru Car Wash – Marysville, CA

We’ve built several Surf Thru Car Wash facilities, including the beautiful location in Marysville, CA. Surf Thru Express Car Washing is the next generation of quality car care, providing a full-service car wash in as little as 5 minutes! Their facilities use the highest quality wash equipment in the industry, and every wash includes a final rinse with purified water so your vehicle will never have water spots. They also offer several powerful vacuums for customers to use free with every wash. Best of all, their facilities are environmentally friendly! Check out more images of Surf Thru Car Wash!

Surf Thru Car Wash – Chico, CA

Built from the ground up, this 5,400 sq. ft. car wash facility is one of two locations in Chico, CA, that we’ve had the pleasure to build. Similar to their other locations, the environment comes first. Their sprayers optimize water distribution, and they reclaim the water used; plus, they filter out the “muck,” including car oil and fluids so that they can be safely and properly disposed of. They also use a state-of-the-art water purification (reverse osmosis) system in every wash in order to remove 99% of the minerals and impurities that would leave stains on a vehicle in a normal wash. Check out more images of Surf Thru Car Wash in Chico!

River City Car Wash – West Sacramento, CA

Located in West Sacramento, CA, River City Car Wash’s sophisticated tunnel car wash system provides quick, spotless clean to all their customers! 

Check out more images of River City Car Wash!

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