Church and Faith-based Construction

At Hilbers, our legacy of excellence spans decades, with a renowned reputation as a premier builder in church or faith-based construction. In partnership with Building God’s Way (BGW), we’ve completed over 500 projects nationwide, ranging from churches to schools and colleges. Our collaboration with BGW allows us to offer unmatched services, delivering cost savings of 20-30% compared to typical church builders. From flat or sloped floor sanctuaries to education and gymnasium facilities, our team consistently exceeds expectations. We’re dedicated to supporting our clients in honoring God throughout the expansion or renovation process, ensuring a spiritual impact on the workers and the local community. Join us as we explore a few of the amazing builds we have worked on.

Northcreek Church & School faith based construction done by Hilbers Inc
Northcreek Church & School faith based construction done by Hilbers Inc

Northcreek Church & School

The Northcreek Church and School are front and center of the faith-based community in Walnut Creek. We are proud to have helped construct such a pillar of the community. By leveraging our experience building churches and other faith-based projects, we were able to serve the community. The facility includes an administrative wing, classrooms, a sanctuary with sloped floors, and acoustic ceiling clouds.

Church and Faith-based Construction in Woodland
Church and Faith-based Construction in Woodland

Life Pointe Church

Life Pointe Church in Woodland, CA, is a project that makes an impact. Life Pointe helps serve not only Woodland as a whole but especially families. It includes a baptistery and nursing area for mothers, allowing the whole family to be comfortable. This aligns with Life Pointe Church values. At Hilbers, building projects that align with Church leadership visions is our goal. With our experience building faith-based construction projects, we have the expertise and knowledge to bring your visions to life. 

St. John’s Episcopal Church

St. John’s Episcopal Church in Roseville, CA, was built to serve the spiritual needs of the members of the new home communities in Roseville. In collaboration with Building God’s Way, we built a visually appealing church with a bell tower to serve as a focal point, restored glass, and exterior materials that blend in with existing architecture in the community. 

Hilbers: Your Trusted Church Construction Partner

Since 1962, Hilbers has been leading church and faith-based construction, so you can lead the church. We have experience building church-specific aspects of construction, from sloped floors and bell towers to stained glass and baptisteries. For your faith-based construction needs, work with Hilbers for the best craftsmanship, pricing, and experience. 

We’re building relationships and buildings built to last.