Exceptional Results Begin With an Exceptional Plan: Pre-Construction Services

Whenever we approach a new project, our goal is to build value from initiation through each phase to the completion of the project. Of course, this begins with our proven pre-construction planning services. As the name suggests, the pre-construction phase starts before any actual construction begins. 

Pre-construction planning is the first phase in the overall coordination and implementation of a construction job, and it is vital to meet or exceed our clients’ needs. During this phase, we provide a clear picture of what the project will entail, how we will accomplish it, and when each stage will be completed. It also highlights potential savings that can be redirected to increase the project scope.
Our motto is “exceptional results begin with an exceptional plan,” so let’s take a closer look at all aspects of our pre-construction services and how these are crucial to helping your construction project run smoothly.

Cost Estimations & Budget Development

One of our top priorities for clients is to complete each project at or below budget. We can accomplish this by creating an overall budget with cost estimations. This part of the process lays the foundation for the rest of the pre-construction phase as well as the actual construction. After our initial client meeting, we create the budget to ensure we are on the same page regarding the project’s main elements. 

As part of the process, we will conceptualize the appearance of the building and identify the needed materials and size. We’ll also create basic floor plans and determine the necessary consultants, subcontractors, and inspectors for the project. We have a strong working relationship with each person in our database, which helps guarantee that every cost estimate is accurate, competitive, and complete and that every subcontractor is appropriately licensed and insured.

Construction Feasibility Review

We know the design process can be one of the more exciting phases of a project, but potential design flaws and problems could go undetected without the construction feasibility review. The review is critical for ensuring that everything we’ve discussed on paper and designed on the computer can then be translated to the actual construction of a structure. We must identify potential issues early on to reduce the risk of overspending and potentially missing deadlines.

Value Engineering & Analysis

During value engineering & analysis, we’ll work with our client to determine whether or not the scope of the project will fit within the client’s budget and try to identify more areas of opportunity for cost savings based on our extensive experience with projects of similar scope. We’ll also be able to identify the life-cycle cost analysis of certain materials used in the construction phase and provide alternative solutions if needed.

Project Schedule Development

Hilbers’ Construction Manager and client reviewing the pre-construction plan.

When you work with us, one of our professional construction managers will work with you and lead all facets and phases of your project, from conceptual development to final construction. They’ll openly communicate with clients and the project team to ensure that all work is consistent and completed on time and within budget. 

Once the scope of the project is laid out, the construction manager will create a schedule, which will identify key milestones, lead times, and the sequence of construction. This preliminary schedule will also estimate the number of days needed to complete each construction phase and provide a rough idea of when the project will be completed. The project schedule will help guide the entire project from concept to completion!

Competitive Subcontractor Identification

As we noted earlier, we carefully curate our database of subcontractors and vendors to ensure that each person who works on our clients’ projects will meet our expectations of quality work and on time, within budget completion. Since multiple subcontractors will likely work on a project, we ensure that their bids meet all necessary specifications and that any required construction documents are packaged together to identify the scope of work required. The client will review all bids and provide their approval before starting any work.

Safety Analysis

Of course, there are inherent risks in the construction industry, but our goal is to mitigate those risks through safety analysis. Our goal is to reduce hazards and ensure worker safety throughout all aspects of the construction process. We’ll confirm that the design, materials, and job site all comply with expectations and standards and abide by all regulations during this phase. We’ll also secure proper insurance.

Ready to Build?

Effective planning during the pre-construction process is the key to ensuring your project goes smoothly. Our expert team will be able to offer incredible value to your project through the detailed planning, budgeting, and scheduling of our pre-construction services. We’d love the opportunity to work with you on your construction project and look forward to laying the foundation for a successful build!

We’re building relationships and buildings built to last.