5 Ways to Keep Building Costs Down Through Pre-Construction

When it comes to construction projects, it can often feel overwhelming to know where to start and how you’re going to accomplish a completed project on-time and on-budget. That’s where pre-construction services come in. This is the planning phase, and it will help us to take strategic steps to ensure your project is successful and that we’re meeting all your needs and requirements. 

Our pre-construction services include the following: 

  • Cost estimations and budget development
  • Constructability feasibility review
  • Project schedule development
  • Competitive subcontractor identification
  • Safety analysis
  • Value engineering and analysis
  • Entitlements (if required)

No matter the size of your construction project, we recommend including pre-construction because it helps manage expectations and add value! Here are the top 5 ways our pre-construction services can also help keep building costs down. 

1. Define the Scope of the Project

Before starting any project, it’s important to understand the scope of work. Creating the scope is a bit like creating an outline – it will help guide the entire project’s process and ensure that we’re on the same page with our client’s visions and expectations. In the pre-construction process, creating the project scope means that we’ll define the following: 

  • What the project is (is it a remodel, or are we building from the ground up?)
  • The size of the lot and the structure
  • Design parameters
  • Any limitations of the project
  • All goals and objectives that, if met, will indicate a successful project

This pre-construction service step may feel obvious, but it’s absolutely integral to the successful completion of the project. 

2. Define the Budget

Once we’ve identified the project’s scope, the next step is to define the budget. This is another key component of the pre-construction process that will provide our customers with the expectation of what they will need to spend on their project. If we’re working within certain budget parameters, this is also an excellent opportunity to adjust the scope of work due to budgetary needs. Budgeting can be time-consuming as the following are factored in: labor, cost of materials, transportation, equipment costs, rentals, and more. 

3. Establish the Project Timeline

Creating a project timeline allows us to set expectations with our team members and clients by providing a helpful action plan that outlines every aspect of the project. Not only will this help keep the project on task, but it will also help us control the costs and mitigate any delays. The timeline is also a key tool to ensure that the project is completed on time. 

4. Site Evaluation

Conducting a site evaluation is important to help us identify any environmental concerns and easements or evaluate existing structures that might need to be moved or removed entirely. This phase of pre-construction is also helpful for identifying if the land will support the building that our clients envision. We’ll conduct soil evaluations, obtain the required permits and ensure everyone is on the same page regarding any potential issues the site may present down the road. We’ll also review the site conditions to analyze the impacts of construction costs and make any necessary adjustments to the project timeline. Without an in-depth site evaluation, you could find yourself addressing many unforeseen problems that could affect the timely completion of the project.

5. Review Construction Cost EstimatE

As we’ve mentioned in the previous steps, pre-construction planning is about nailing down as many details as possible before we ever break ground and start the actual construction process. By reviewing the estimated construction costs, we’ll be able to ensure that we make any necessary adjustments ahead of time while also identifying opportunities for cost savings. 

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