Hilbers Inc. Is A Repair And Remodel Contractor Also…

Hilbers Inc., A Repair Contractor

There is more to building than new construction. Hilbers Inc. is also an experienced Repair Contractor. This includes work as a Remodel Contractor also. Many times business’ are hit with major damage, or just needs an update to their floor plan. With over 50 years experience in the trades, we are well suited to handle the remodel or repair project you are faced with. This recent project for Babies-R-Us resulted from a roof collapse. Originally built as a Toys-R-Us, the building had some “old bones” to contend with also. Mark Heaphy and his crew worked with Babies-R-Us to complete the repairs in good time. Getting the store open was of prime importance. 
Hilbers Inc. has done this type of work for numerous companies, both large and small. A Remodel General Contractor needs to be sensitive to the needs of the client. Working both during open and closed hours, safety for our employees and the client are of major concern. Many times damage to facilities are major, but the business can remain open, which presents a set of concerns that must be addressed. This is where experience should play a major part in your selection of a Repair Contractor. By hiring and keeping job Superintendents and Sub-Contractors that have this experience, Hilbers Inc. can produce quick, safe and thorough results. 
Please look over some of these repair/remodel projects that we have recently completed. Walmart in Vallejo, Old Navy in Van Nuys and 24Hr Fitness Center in San Jose. They will give you an idea of the scope of work that we have worked with.

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