Shopping Center Construction

Shopping center construction plays a crucial role in shaping the urban landscape and meeting the diverse needs of residents and visitors alike. At Hilbers, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience in building and renovating shopping centers and understanding the unique demands and challenges they present. From aggressive timelines to strict budgets, we’re committed to working closely with our clients to ensure successful outcomes. Read below to look at two standout projects we’ve completed, showcasing our dedication to excellence.

Willow Creek Shopping Center in Auburn, CA

Willow Creek Shopping Center

Located in Auburn, CA, the Willow Creek Shopping Center spans an impressive project area of 6.88 acres. This ambitious endeavor involved the construction of five distinct buildings, collectively totaling 64,555 square feet.

The shopping center construction of Willow Creek was meticulous, requiring careful planning and execution. Our team navigated through various challenges, including site logistics, material procurement, and adherence to strict timelines. Despite these obstacles, our commitment to quality craftsmanship and efficient project management ensured the successful completion of each phase within the designated timeframe.

Features and Highlights

Retail Anchor: With nearly 28,000 square feet, the retail anchor is the shopping center’s centerpiece, offering diverse products and services.

Sporting Anchor: Spanning 12,000 square feet, the sporting anchor offers premium sporting goods and equipment for fitness enthusiasts and sports fans.

Retail Shops: The shopping center’s 20,700 square feet of retail shops offer fashion, accessories, specialty items, and everyday essentials.

Drive-Thru Restaurant: Adding convenience to the shopping experience, the drive-thru restaurant encompasses 4,363 square feet and offers quick and delicious dining options for patrons on the go.

Carriage Square Shopping Center in Yuba City, CA

Carriage Square

Carriage Square underwent a significant transformation in Yuba City, CA, transitioning from an existing shopping center to a modern retail destination. The shopping center construction project demolished previous structures to create four distinct buildings and offsite improvements. Spanning a total area of 149,350 square feet, Carriage Square aimed to revitalize the area’s commercial landscape and provide enhanced amenities for the community.

Carriage Square’s construction began with careful demolition, dismantling existing structures to prepare the site for redevelopment. After demolition, the construction phase began, creating four new buildings tailored to the evolving needs of businesses and consumers. Throughout each stage, our team implemented efficient construction practices and rigorous quality control measures to realize the project’s vision successfully.

Features and Highlights

Redevelopment: Carriage Square’s redevelopment revitalized Yuba City’s commercial sector, rejuvenating the area and fostering economic growth.

Offsite Improvements: Carriage Square included offsite improvements to enhance accessibility, parking, and overall infrastructure for visitors and tenants.

Community Impact: Carriage Square’s completion symbolized more than just a construction project; it represented a commitment to community development and creating spaces where residents could gather, shop, and connect.

Build Your Shopping Center with Hilbers

At Hilbers, we recognize the importance of shopping center construction in creating vibrant community spaces that cater to the diverse needs of businesses and consumers. With our extensive experience and expertise in commercial construction, we are committed to partnering with you to bring your shopping center vision to life. From initial concept to completion, we prioritize collaboration, innovation, and quality craftsmanship to ensure that each project meets and exceeds expectations. Trust Hilbers to build your shopping center and contribute to your community’s sustainable growth and prosperity.

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