New Construction from the Ground up in Yuba City, CA – The Morrison Shop Building is Pre-Engineered Steel that will look Great for Years.

Situated on farmland in south Yuba City, the new Morrison shop building appears to be a conventional farm barn from a distance. Modern and antique work vehicles are parked outside and the building’s custom exterior is sheathed in a natural-looking board and batten siding manufactured by Pakari, creating a traditional appearance. Distressed fixtures and external décor have been used to accentuate this theme and the result is an eye-catching and authentic look.

Situated in South Yuba City, the new Morrison shop building from a distance looks to be a traditional farm barn. Up close the bones reveal that it has a stout pre-engineered skeleton. Sheathed with wood on the “play” side, it presents a great venue for whatever comes it’s way. From the “work” side, a typical farm building is showing forth.  Hard working farming, or playtime Hilbers Inc. rose to the task. 

A Closer look at the Interior Reveals the Technology Behind the Design

The stout pre-engineered steel skeleton of this ag building is well insulated, clean, and attractive. Pre-engineered steel is durable as well as sustainable and affordable. Also, because of the systems approach to this kind of construction and the highly sophisticated production of the steel, the construction time for pre-engineered buildings is accelerated. The steel system for the Morrison shop was engineered and manufactured by CBC Steel Building.

Did we Mention it is Well-Insulated?

IC72 perforated roofing (ceiling) panels were utilized to allow for the use of fiberglass insulation between the standing seam roof and the panel. This gives the building an R30 insulation value. Unlike old-fashioned barns, this space is built to maintain a comfortable temperature and the extra insulation aids in acoustics by greatly reducing echo. With the design and comfort of this barn, the venue can be used for work or play.

Future Flexibility

Pre-engineered steel construction is an affordable and efficient option that allows for future expansion should the needs for the space change. The materials used in this project are extremely durable, energy efficient, and low maintenance. This flexible design is built to last and will continue to look great through the years.

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