Twin Rivers Charter School

Twin Rivers Charter School - Yuba City, CA

The expansive Twin Rivers Charter School project, led by Hilbers Inc., a Butler Builder® based in Yuba City, involved the construction of multiple pre-engineered steel buildings on a 9-acre campus. The focal point was a 50,000-square-foot K-8 Charter School, featuring an administrative wing, gymnasium, restrooms, and thoughtfully designed classrooms. Landscaping efforts and ample parking facilities were integrated to enhance the overall environment. This comprehensive construction initiative underscores a commitment to providing a modern and dynamic educational space, combining efficiency with structural integrity. The Twin Rivers Charter School project stands as a testament to the dedication to quality education and the creation of a campus that inspires growth. Hilbers Inc.'s expertise and use of Butler systems, including Widespan™ structural system, MR-24® roof system, and SunLite Strip® daylighting system, played a crucial role in transforming the school, contributing to the successful completion of nearly 50,000 square feet of innovative educational space on a six-acre campus. This collaboration enabled the implementation of unique architectural features, such as a sheltered lunch area and a hydraulic door converting the gymnasium into an outdoor venue. Hilbers Inc.'s commitment to efficiency and structural integrity contributed to meeting a tight construction deadline, ensuring the creation of a vibrant and sustainable learning environment.

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