Happy National Women in Construction Week

As we celebrate National Women in Construction Week, we take great pleasure in acknowledging and expressing our gratitude to the outstanding women at Hilbers Incorporated. We appreciate the immense worth each of these women adds to the industry, and we are honored to highlight their remarkable contributions to our company.

Mary Hilbers,  VP of finance for Hilbers Incorporated.

Mary Hilbers – VP of Finance

As one of our founding members, Mary has been with Hilbers for nearly 40 years. Her strategic leadership and unwavering commitment have propelled the company’s growth from a local business to a nationally recognized organization. Mary is responsible for developing and overseeing policies and procedures for both finance and HR. She directs and develops teams with the experience and skillsets necessary to successfully manage annual assets of more than $100 million. Her diligent oversight has driven the company’s continued financial success. As a pioneer for Hilbers, Mary’s exceptional commitment to excellence and wealth of knowledge makes her essential to the Hilbers Construction team.

Annie Knipe, senior business development manager for Hilbers Incorporated.

Annie Knipe – Senior Business Development Manager

We were delighted to welcome Annie to our team in 2018 as the Senior Business Development Manager of Hilbers Incorporated. With over a decade of experience as a successful entrepreneur and business owner, Annie was a natural fit for her current role in our business development department. Under her leadership, our team has successfully expanded the company’s reach, executed highly effective marketing campaigns, and launched new initiatives. Annie is a driving force for our business development team, leading us to a future rich with possibilities. Her warm and infectious personality, combined with her unwavering drive, make her a highly valuable asset and a powerful example of the growing presence of women in construction.

Kim Schafer, construction project coordinator for Hilbers Incorporated.

Kim Schafer – Project Engineer

We are privileged to have the continued opportunity to work alongside Kim as our Project Coordinator at Hilbers for over 14 years. With a remarkable construction portfolio spanning nearly two decades, Kim has a wealth of experience managing an array of public and private projects. As our dedicated project coordinator, Kim oversees project administration, including contracts, change orders, submittals, pay requests, releases, and closeout documentation. In addition to her administrative responsibilities, Kim collaborates closely with our project manager and field superintendents. Her impressive contributions to numerous commercial builds across northern California are a testament to her steadfast commitment to excellence in construction.

Maxina Bird, construction project coordinator for Hilbers Incorporated.

Maxina Bird – Project Engineer

We take great pride in having Maxina as part of our team at Hilbers Incorporated. With several years of experience in the project coordination field, Maxina joined us nearly two years ago as an additional Construction Project Coordinator. Since then, she has become a great asset to the success of our projects. Her organizational and leadership skills have enabled her to play a key role in ensuring that our projects run smoothly from start to finish. Maxina is a team player who is always willing to lend a helping hand when needed. She possesses a rare combination of big-picture awareness and attention to detail. Her exceptional work ethic and commitment to excellence make her a key team member.

Our Women Behind the Scenes

In addition to the accomplished women who have played significant roles in shaping our company’s success, we would also like to extend our appreciation and recognition to the many hardworking women of Hilbers who work tirelessly behind the scenes. This includes our dedicated accountants and assistants who, while only sometimes visible, ensure that our operations run smoothly. Their contributions to the company are immeasurable, and we are immensely grateful for their commitment and dedication to our team. It is an honor to have such a talented group of women on our staff, and we extend our sincere thanks to every one of them for their invaluable efforts to support our shared goals.

Thank You To Our Amazing Hilbers Women

We are incredibly proud of the diverse and talented team we have assembled. Each staff member brings a unique perspective and skill set to the table. We are committed to cultivating an environment that supports women in construction, and we will continue to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our company. 

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